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How to Verify Real Designer Bags

PRADA Verify Tips:

Look if there is a leather stamp on the inside lining that says "PRADA MADE IN ITALY." Replicas will say something similar, but not exactly this phrase.

Check at the "R" in Prada in the leather stamp. In the real hand bag, the "R" has a curved right leg and there is a Notch (a gap) between the body and the diagonal leg.

Check the stitching on the inside and outside of the handbag and make sure it is straight, even and the same color as the rest of the bag. Replicas usually have uneven or loose stitching.

Check the exterior of the purse for signs of poor quality. Loose threads, uneven seams or cheap looking hardware are all indications that the bag is not real. Other red flags include loose or flimsy zippers and tarnished or discolored buttons and snaps. Also, make sure that the purse itself is a style that Prada actually sells. Sometimes faux Prada bags are produced in shapes and styles that Prada has never actually produced.

Inspect the interior of the bag to help determine authenticity. The inside of a real Prada bag will almost always bear tone-on-tone nylon or fabric in a coordinating color that bears the Prada name. Knock-off bags often do not have the logo liner and have cheap, flimsy interior fabric. In some cases, knock offs even bear a "made in China" label or tag inside of the bag.

View the material. If it is made of a leather or suede, it may be real. Impostor Prada purses use a fake leather that feels more plastic instead of feeling supple and soft like the real thing. The fake material is also lighter in weight than the real Prada purses, because leather and suede are heavy materials.

Feel the zipper pull as it opens. If it moves easily, gliding along smoothly, it is more likely to be real. Prada only uses the best manufacturers of zippers, such as Lampo, Riri and IPI. These manufacturers' names will also be on the underside of the zipper pull, so turn it over and check for it.

Look at the lining once the zipper is open. Real Prada lining has the name "Prada" all over it in a horizontal pattern. The lining should also be a similar color to the outside material of the purse. Many fake Pradas have a solid-color lining with no name on it. Fake linings are also glued into the purse instead of stitched, like a real Prada purse lining.

Study the hardware, such as the zipper and any metal loops, buckles or chains on the purse. They should all be of matching color, and either gold, silver or rose colored. Each piece should also have the Prada logo on it

Examine the main logo on the outside of the purse. Real Prada purses have a raised-letter logo that is stitched on to a plaque. The plaque should be very close in color to the exterior of the bag.

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