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About The Real Designer Bags

The Real Designer Bags was created by our genuine love for Authentic Designer Products. We have sincerely dedicated our best efforts to Researching and carefully selecting Designer Products that meet and exceed your expectations. We have listened to you and we continually rely upon your feedback to provide the kind of service you deserve.

We are able to provide excellent customer service because we are a family based business and incorporate a personal touch in our day to day business activities. We avoid the BIG companies' syndrome where we are treated as a number.

Be assured that we are here for you, were it not for you we wouldn't be around! Our drive is to exceed your expectations, to put you first and know that we share a common passion for designer products. Welcome.

The Real Designer Bags is your source for fashionable Designer Hand bags and accessories precisely from fashion houses- GUCCI, PRADA and more Designer Brands;

Here we like to separate ourselves from the pack by only presenting and offering the best price for authentic Designer handbags, Designer Duffle bags, Designer Back packs, Designer Wallets and Designer Briefcases among other Designer Accessories like Scarves.

We understand Designer lovers hence we save you time by carrying Designer items only. Finally the hard work is been done, unlike our competitors who hammer you with other materials and products and even worse- Replica goods in other words Knock Offs, we are strictly Authentic Carriers only-leaving you to shop stress free. You deserve it.

How is it possible to sell authentic designer items at such steep discounts?

Well first its worth mentioning that it's not easy to get approved to carry authentic designer goods. This has been possible only through relationships we have worked with authorized dealers, suppliers and brokers. Most of this suppliers are in Europe precisely Italy where most of the Designers are located. Secondly, we look for slim opportunities like:

As you can see, due to such circumstances coupled with us being an online store hence incurring Low Cost of Doing Business as compared to the Brick and Mortar Store- we have the capability to offer such luxury products at very affordable prices.

These Designer products are made by some of the finest Handbag designers and manufacturers in the world. No matter your age group or the occasion-you will find a lovely bag for you, a friend or a loved one. We guarantee product satisfaction or your money back. As diamonds are forever, designer bags are forever.

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