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You can never go wrong holding your head high up walking down the street with designer bags like Gucci handbags or Prada handbags on your shoulder. Please visit our website for tips on verifying your designer handbags. You will also see a variety of other designer bags like Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and JP Tods. You are always covered by our No Risk Guarantee Policy. is your online Luxury Home for Authentic Designer Bags. Not only are our Prices competitive, we also carry the best variety of Designer Bags like Gucci Handbags, Prada Handbags & More. Do you wonder why this Designer Bags are so affordable compared to other online stores? See our FAQ page. Also see Gucci Handbags, Prada Handbags for a wider selection. Enjoy 300+ Gucci Handbags & Prada Handbags choices. Both Gucci and Prada Handbags are leaders in the luxurious Designer Bags industry.

You can never go wrong with GUCCI HANDBAGS or PRADA HANDBAGS Designer Bags; Both Gucci Handbags & Prada Handbags are Italian Designer Bags that are increasingly gaining popularity in the USA.

Few online stores offer Authentic Designer Bags. All our products are 100% AUTHENTIC. We've provided a wealth of information on how to check your Gucci Handbags, Prada Handbags and more on Authenticity. Please visit Gucci Handbags verify page; Prada Handbags verify page; More Designer Bags verify. Read what some of our happy customers have to say- Testimonials.

Designer Bags: PRADA HANDBAGS and Accessories.

We understand our customers concerns regarding the issue of ‘inspired, replicas, fakes’ (a few of the synonyms referred to products not originally designed and or manufactured by the rightful owner.)­­ So over time we have noticed and learned of some basic issues that might be of some help. Consider the following checks as a simple way to verify your handbag. We encourage users also to share other ways they have found helpful in verifying designer handbags as most of the information below as been compiled from some our customers. Email us at Customer Support @

Gucci Verify Tips:

Study the tags for spelling and grammatical errors. Many fake Gucci handbags will have inaccurate or misspelled information on the price tag. This is also true when shopping online--read all descriptions before buying.

Pay attention to the handbag's logo. Gucci handbags feature two interlocking 'G' letters. If the logo letters resemble two 'E' letters, it's not genuine. This is generally one of the easiest ways to spot a fake Gucci product.

Determine if the color is faded. Gucci knockoffs almost always have a faded hue.

Like all other designer bags, Gucci handbags have stitching that is near perfection. Always evenly spaced, tight and have a high stitch count per inch. Imitators just can't match it! While impostors will use liners very similar to what Gucci uses, the quality of the liner will be inferior. The lining of the bag should fit neatly inside the bag, and not be bunched up or sewn in carelessly.

Confirm the bag comes with a high-quality duster. All Gucci bags come with protective dusters.

Check if the bag comes with an identification card. Gucci bags come with cards that list additional information, such as model numbers.



My Wife was very happy when she opened her gift, Remember I was not sure about the color of the 2 gucci handbags! Anyway thanks for the on time delivery and your phone support in choosing the designer bags. Thank you again. - Alex M. Cartersville, GA.

I have been duped before by websites that say they are selling the real stuff and they are not. I was hesitant to order from your site at first but when I got my handbag I was really happy because it was exactly what I wanted. Most Importantly, it was authentic and I didn't have to spend that much. - Lydia S.Arcadia, Oklahoma.

The one thing that struck me about this website is the prices. For years I have been purchasing my Gucci Handbags from the high end stores at the Malls spending thousands for them. But after discovering this site, I bought 2 bags for the price of 1 at those other stores. Nice.... just keep it that way. - Nicole E. Carnation, Washington.

I appreciate your efficiency in handling of the Return order I had, I didn't know it was that Big ( I beleive I had read the dimensions before I placed the order but somehow I didn't visionalize the volume and depth!) Thank you really for understanding and courtesy in processing the return even though it was user error and going a step further to point other stores that I could find the style and size I was looking for. I think its out of the market by now.....will shoot an email if I find one. Thanks. - Shaqueila B. Rock Mount, North Carolina.

Got this website from of my wifes friend. I got my wife one of the Prada Bags for Mothers Day. Let me just say I have never gotten a reaction for a bag present! Although she has a collection it seemed like her first bag. Most importantly thanks for the on time delivery for Mothers Day. After this experience you know I will be shopping here again. -Mathew K. Huntington Beach, California.

I am not the kind of person who writes reviews, but after the customer service I got from the representatives, I had to write one. They got back to me on time, answered all my questions by email and by phone. Very polite, very patient. They were so good I got an extra Loro Piana scarf just for the sake. - Karolyn C. Austin, Texas.

I got my girlfriend a Balenciaga bag for her bridal shower party and it was the best gift she received at the party. Everyone was asking where I got the bag from- I always refer them to your website. Some have already shopped from the real designer bags and all of them have come back satisfied. The Bags are Authentic, the prices are good & great service. -Andy M. McKinney, Texas.

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